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An Incredible Adventure by Faith ( A Book Review)

A Book Written by Theodore H. Epp (Founder 'Back to the Bible Ministries')

A Book Review: This book is about an incredible life journey (story) of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Epp. The Founder of Back to the Bible ministries. How they ventured by faith in the ministry of Back to the Bible is really an amazing story.

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A Book Review:

This book is about an incredible life journey (story) of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Epp. The Founder of Back to the Bible ministries. How they ventured by faith in the ministry of Back to the Bible is really a
n amazing story.
 Here is a worth mentioning incident from his life story,:
"After the biblical graduation they began active service in the pastorate. But the offering at the church was so meager that they could not meet both ends. So he needed an additional income and joined in a harvest field better known as the WPA. (Works Progress Administration). Later they got an opportunity to buy a small gasoline station, but the required cash was not there. But he went ached in faith and God fulfilled their desire in a miraculous way, in a short period he could spend full time in ministry. This wonderful incident narrated in chapter 4 of this book.
The Story began in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1939 A young man, driven by a vision, walked into the office of a radio station manager.
He spoke boldly: "We noted that you have every thing on your broadcasts that the people want except something for the heart. We have that and would like the opportunity of presenting it to the people." 
In the short discussion that followed, the manager agreed. "And who will finance the program?" He asked.
"For the past twelve years we have been working in co-operation with a partner who has taken the responsibility of all our financial needs."
 "Oh, and who is your partner?"
 "God is our Partner."
 Theodore H.Epp had just 65 dollars when he made the first broadcast for Back to the Bible on May 1, 1939. That was several years ago. And during those years his Partner has supplied everything."
 The ministry of Back to the Bible has now grown to worldwide proportions, with 12 branch offices, broadcasts in several languages, with the printing and annual distribution of more than eight million pieces of Christian literature, assistance in missions' projects and the support of several hundreds of missionaries, correspondence schools and counseling ministries.

Late Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Epp. and their amazing walk of faith in the God of the Bible to make the vision and ministry of Back to the Bible a reality. As a result of their obedience to the call of God, today every hour of the day Back to the Bible is heard some where around the world.
Dr. Woodrow Kroll
The Present President
Back to the Bible International
Now the International President Dr. Woodrow Kroll (A senior Bible Teacher and a renowned writer of more than 50 books) is continuing the mantle which Theodore H Epp initiated years back.
 Dr. Kroll joined Back to the Bible in August 1990 as general Director and Bible Teacher. In between a brief period-from1981 to 1989- Warren W Wiersbe (former Bible teacher of Moody Church in Chicago, Illinois served as a leader to this Lincoln based ministry. Since 1990 Dr. Kroll is serving as a principal speaker on the ministry's daily worldwide broadcast on radio and television, which has grown to a listener ship of millions around the world. It has offices in twelve different countries in 25 different languages. Its main radio program can be heard from Radio Sri Lanka in the morning hours (IST 7.00).
This book is a must read to all Christian believers, especially the one who are in His business.
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Copies of this book can be obtained from: The Good News Broadcasting Society, P O Box No. 2002; H P O; Secunderabad - 500003, Andhra Pradesh, India. 
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