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Barack Obama's India Visit: Few Interesting Video Clips:   These clips will give a relaxation in the midst of all these serious talks.   This will be Interesting and attractive on the Eve of this years Children's Day, which is Celebrated today(November 14) in India Today.


YouTube Video

Raw Video: Obama & Mrs. Obama Dances With Indian Children
Source: Associated Press/ YouTube

YouTube Video

Raw Video: Michelle Obama Dances in India
Source: Associated Press/YouTube

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Obama Stops Tax Breaks for US Firms Outsourcing Jobs

WASHINGTON  September 9, 2010  President Barack Obama today underlined his determination to end tax incentives for companies that create jobs overseas, saying he will provide a generous tax credit to companies that create more jobs in the US.
Amid indication that outsourcing could become a hot issue in the November elections, Obama said the tax breaks should go to companies that create jobs in the US and not overseas.
"One of the keys to job creation is to encourage companies to invest more in the United States. But for years, our tax code has actually given billions of dollars in tax breaks that encourage companies to create jobs and profits in other countries," Obama said in his speech on economy at Cleveland, Ohio.
The President said he was determined to change that. "I want to change that. Instead of tax loopholes that incentivise investment in overseas jobs, I'm proposing a more generous, permanent extension of the tax credit that goes to companies for all the research and innovation they do right here in America," Obama said with Ohio Governor Ted Strickland standing by his side.
"I think if we're going to give tax breaks to companies, they should go to companies that create jobs in America -- not those that create jobs overseas. That's one difference between the Republican vision and the Democratic vision. And that's what this election is all about," Obama said.
Running behind in opinion polls, Strickland of Democratic party, who till now was going out of his way to woo Indian companies, last week passed an executive order that banned outsourcing, arguing that this undermines economic development and has unacceptable business consequences.
"Outsourcing jobs does not reflect Ohio values," Strickland said in a statement after he signed the executive order.
Reacting to the order, the Indian IT sector, which gets 60 per cent of its export revenue from the US, termed the move as discriminatory and said it amounts to a trade barrier.
The move, which comes ahead of Obama's visit to India in November, follows a controversial legislation that increased H-1B and L1 visa fees, hitting India's over USD 50 billion IT industry.
The Indian industry will take up the issue with its US counterparts and seek government's support to flag it with the American authorities.
"Nasscom is leading a delegation to the US later this month and will be taking this up with relevant officials in the US," the apex body of the IT and ITES industry said in New Delhi.
Obama said his proposal will help small businesses upgrade their plants and equipment, and will encourage large corporations to get off the sidelines and start putting their profits to work in places like Cleveland and Toledo and Dayton.

Tonight, U.S. President Barack Obama is slated to address America from the Oval Office via a live stream on YouTube.

YouTube to Live Stream Obama's Iraq Address.

August 31st 2010, Tonight, U.S. President Barack Obama is slated to address America from the Oval Office via a live stream on YouTube, a speech during which he is expected to announce the end of the U.S. combat role in Iraq.

Before you check out the live stream tonight at 8 p.m. EST, YouTube is offering you the opportunity to ask the White House follow-up questions via its Moderator function. The speech will also be stored on YouTube’s CitizenTube, should you happen to miss it tonight. Check out the above video from the YouTube Blog for more info.

YouTube Video

YouTube to Live Stream President Obama’s Iraq Address [VIDEO]

This isn’t the first time a speech has been streamed live from the Oval Office. A few months ago, President Obama spoke to the American public with regard to the Gulf oil spill. YouTube also allowed viewers to submit questions to the president during the State of the Union Address, which he later answered on the video-sharing site.

As more and more of these events occur online, one can only imagine the historical archive that YouTube will amass.

Source: Mashable



President Barack Obama speaks
at a convention in Atlanta on Monday.
Photo: AP

Atlanta. August 2 2010.  Even as the November elections loom on the horizon and Democrats grow fearful of losing seats in both Congressional chambers, President Barack Obama is becoming increasingly strident in defending his top domestic priority – job creation.

Unfortunately for countries such as India this has come to mean that the controversy over outsourcing has reared its ugly head again with heightened frequency, in particular, fears that the President’s words are more than rhetoric.
His most recent speech, made at a Democratic National Convention fundraiser, was a good example. While his audience was comprised mainly of party stalwarts and thus Mr. Obama’s reversion to the conventional wisdom of economic protectionism was not surprising, it was the specific mention of India in the context of American jobs being lost that raised eyebrows.
 The line that probably has Indian Ministry of External Affairs officials worried was this: “When I took office... we put forward a new economic plan – a plan that... is focused on making our middle class more secure and our country more competitive in the long run – so that the jobs and industries of the future aren’t all going to China and India, but are being created right here in the U.S..”
In particular, the MEA must despair that the very same rhetoric that led to calls to stop American jobs getting “Bangalored” has resurfaced at the highest level of this administration: specifically the President’s war cry that the choice in the November election was between policies that had encouraged job creation in the U.S. versus those that encouraged jobs to go elsewhere.
In a reference to policies that could keep jobs on U.S. soil, he added, “That is why I have said instead of giving tax breaks to corporations that want to ship jobs overseas, we want to give tax breaks to companies that are investing right here in the U.S..”
And what could be worrying policymakers and the private sector in India even more is the fact that the White House appears to have been considering blocking the so-called “jobs of the future” from fleeing overseas.
In the context of the U.S.’ “home-grown, clean energy industry” Mr. Obama said, “I do not want to see the solar panels and the wind turbines and the biodiesel created in other countries. I do not want China and Germany and Brazil to get the jump on us in the industries of the future. I want to see all that stuff right here in the U.S., with American workers.”
Yet those feeling the pinch of such policies in India may ultimately seek solace in the fact that it may be – ironically – their American private-sector counterparts who help prevent the U.S. from going into a protectionist tailspin.
Even President Obama could not help but recognise that his cherished dream of large-scale job creation depended on corporate America, which has been the most important force pushing for the offshoring of jobs, on the grounds of efficiency and labour cost variations.
 Coming as close as he could to recognising this paradox at the heart of the outsourcing controversy.
Mr. Obama was forced to concede to his fellow Democrats the importance of the U.S. private sector in rescuing the ailing economy: “Instead of losing millions of jobs... [the U.S. has] created jobs for six straight months in the private sector. Instead of an economy that is contracting, we have got an economy that is expanding.” Read more related news HERE
Narayan Lakshman (The Hindu)
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Mahomoud Ahmadinejad knows very well that Latin American countries can be strong allies for his stragegy of getting  extra time while Iran develops nuclear weapons. How are the official talks going between the Us and Iran? .... this:

Meanwhile, Obama called Lula Da Silva, president of United States of Brazil, asking for help: Brazil would monitor all Iranian nuclear activities and all their uranium processing facilities should move to Brazil. Lula and Brazil are good friends of United States and Iran, so this would be a "win-win" strategy.

Lula invited Mahomoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian President to Brazil to start negotiations, but...what happened? 

 Lula signed a series of "multi-year multi-billion" agreements for the provision of enriched uranium to Iran, plus  a  much bigger "multi-year multi billion" agreement for the provision of soybeans and derivatives and many other basic goods.

Then the Obama administration got upset, said thet they never gave Lula an official go ahead, despite the diret call from White House to Lula asking for their services.

Lula doesn´t care about this incident, he is more than happy he got a new customer to work with: Iran. Brazil needs no help from the US or the IMF to become a Big player, they just needed new markets to develop, and they got what they wanted.

Meanwhile Mahomoud Ahmadinejad did the same thing as Obama. he looked for new friends in Latin America. And he found a very good friend: Hugo Chavez (President-Dictator of Venezuela), the main oil supplier to the United States.

Mahomoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian President, got a little help from his friend Chavez: unrestricted access to conventional weapons from Russia (Chavez has an agreement for unlimited supply of weapons from Russia) and he also asked to keep under control the only enemy that Iran has in Latin America: Argentina.

Many Iranian Ministers were responsible for the bombing of the Israely Embasy and the AMIA (Jewish Community Centre) in Argentina. These were two biggest international terrorist attacks of Iran against Israely facilities outside Israely territory.

Chavez  immediately agreed, he loves to do whatever he can to upset the United States. At the end of the day, Cristina Kirchner from Argentina needs permanent supply of Oil and Gas from Venezuela (plus the monetary support to run the next presidential elections).

At the enf of the day Hugo Chavez and Cristina Kirchner share a common idea: look like a communist but act as an orthodox capitalist: Only money counts.

Even worst, now Obama and the White House are now wondering (after learning that Venezuela and Brazil have explored and discovered the largest Oil and Gas reservoirs in the World, that they will exploit together) whether  Lula Da Silva and the porwerful United States of Brazil are a real friend of the United States, or are also a....

And even worst, Obama is also wondering if he looks to the American people as a...

Please: Never ask a friend to do what you have to do.


Obama getting ready to pray in a Mosque
 Here is an Email Message received from a grieving American Citizen: She Wrote:
 In the year  1952 former President   Truman Established One Day A Year As A “NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER”
 In the year  1988 President Reagan  Designated The  First Thursday in May of each year as  "THE NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER."
 In June  2007  (then) The Presidential  Candidate Barack Obama  declared that "The USA Was no longer  a  Christian nation."
 This year 2010  President Obama  canceled "THE  21ST ANNUAL NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER CEREMONY" at the White  House under the ruse  Of "not wanting to offend anyone"
 On September 25, 2009 from 4 am until 7  pm, "A National Day of Prayer for the Muslim religion"  was Held on Capitol Hill,  Beside the White House.
 I guess it Doesn't matter if  "Christians"   Are  offended  by  this  event -  We  obviously
 Don't  count  as "anyone"  Anymore.
 The direction  our country is headed  should strike fear in the heart of every Christian,  especially knowing that the  Muslim religion believes that if Christians cannot be  converted, they should be annihilated.  
 This is not a Rumor – Go  to  the  website  To  confirm  this  info: Please log on to:
 Pay particular attention to the very bottom of the page:
 I hope that this information will stir your spirit.  The words of 2 Chronicles 7:14     "If my people, Who are called by my Name,  Will humble themselves And pray,    And seek my face, and Turn from their Wicked ways,  Then will I hear from Heaven.   And will forgive their Sin and will heal Their land."
 We must pray for Our nation, our communities,  Our families, and especially our children. 
 They are the ones who are going to suffer the most.  If  we  don't  PRAY  May  God  have  Mercy.
Let us remember the words of our founding fathers “IN GOD WE TRUST.”   Where are we trusting now?
The Mail Had  the following Request:
“Please pass this on-
 "Maybe someone, somehow can figure out a way to put America back on the map as it was when we were growing up,  a safe place to live,  and by  The Ten Commandments and Pledge of Allegiance."
For Obama to continue as our president is an
Thanks for your time.
A grieved Citizen of America
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Why did President Obama see fit to mention in an email to supporters last week that it was his daughter Malia's birthday? Perhaps because it fits in nicely with the (apparent) White House mobilizing strategy: make the 13-million or so recipients feel like they have a bit of personal intimacy, proximity to power and a voice in decision-making even if the reality says otherwise.
  The email came from Organizing for America, the successor organization to the President's campaign group Obama for America. O.F.A. was set up to capitalize on the tremendous asset acquired during the campaign - 13 million email addresses. The hope was to keep these supporters energized in support of policy priorities once Mr. Obama took office.
Power brokers on the cutting edge are adept at creating novel alternative structures and new venues to press their agenda - and O.F.A. seems to be a case in point. They are also skilled at cultivating an image and message - an art that, when enabled with the latest technology, has become increasingly sophisticated and insidious in the era of the shadow elite.
Shadow Elite is the title of Janine´s book, and in it she examines the modus operandi of a new breed of influencer that's emerged over the past few decades. Branding the message is a key part of that modus operandi for the most successful and agile power broker. And for O.F.A., that image is all about grassroots participation.
Aside from seeking action on specific political battles, notably health care, O.F.A. has also encouraged supporters to host house parties, perform public service, and engage in other social events that don't directly relate to a policy fight. The rosy take on this is that O.F.A. is empowering the grassroots, by helping to create a sense of civic-minded community. A more clear-eyed view is that O.F.A. is trying to keep its army engaged and ready to assist in what really matters - the President's agenda - and also to fight the lethargy that sets in between elections, which was even more inevitable given the outsized expectations invested in Obama.
O.F.A. also holds online strategy sessions, offering supporters the chance to "join the discussion," "interact," and "ask questions." But amid the rhetoric of "yes we can", the "we" in control of O.F.A., according to reports, is a very small, select group. A mid-level source who left O.F.A. told Janine that decisions come squarely from the top down, while the organization tries to maintain the illusion of participation. Another report quotes an activist complaining about "often secretive debate ... among top campaign staff members" The Washington Post also noted that "Obama working to ensure [O.F.A.] stays within the control of a small group who are charged with protecting the Obama brand."
Legendary organizer Marshall Ganz gave his view of O.F.A. to the New Republic: "It's much more an instrument of mobilizing the bottom to serve the top than organizing the bottom to participate in shaping the direction of the top." The magazine also had this from editor Micah Sifry, who said Obama supporters "were basically asked to wait, that someone else was going to decide what was going to happen, and, in the meantime, please buy this mug."
Some disillusioned supporters agree with this assessment, including several Huff Post commenters to last week's Shadow Elite column (who were outnumbered, we should note, by still-committed and passionate O.F.A. supporters.) The Nation's Ari Melber wrote a report on O.F.A.'s first year, and quotes one former volunteer:
Going through OFA showed me that they're  using these same insider tactics that political machines have used forever...I was part of this machine to enact the White House political directives; I didn't have influence on those political directives; there was no reciprocal relationship...

New Republic reporter Lydia DePillis also mentions that "machine" theme:
Obama's people ha[ve] created something both entirely new and entirely old: an Internet version of the top-down political machines...the difference (other than technology) was that this new machine would rely on ideological loyalty, not patronage.
We would add that O.F.A. seems to us more new than old. While it's not the first political movement to capitalize on the internet (Howard Dean being the stand-out early adopter), it seems to be the first time a sitting leader has utilized a direct email communication line with the people he leads. O.F.A. also tries to cement its support with a feeling of false intimacy - made possible through those internet, email and social networking technologies. Melber has this telling comment from one supporter: "Seriously, I feel that OFA's main objective is to facilitate and maintain pseudopersonal relationships with supporters in order to exploit them....I think it's called relationship marketing."
If that's the case, the marketing department should take note: Linda (and surely many others) received personal Thanksgiving wishes last year from "Barack Obama," addressed to ...."First Name, Last Name."

Read More on Obama Please Click HERE 

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